Thailand (Heaven on Earth)

If you are a student (like me :D) and want to spend a good holiday before the start of the academic year, you have to visit Thailand. It is heaven on earth, from my point of view. For sure many people are asking themselves what are the best islands in Thailand and where to go to in Thailand, so let me reflect on my experiences and destinations around Thailand.

Bangkok (the city of Angels)

Day 1: Arrival in Thailand

Bangkok is considered one of the largest cities in Asia which means that most likely your flight will reach this huge city. From the airport, you have two alternatives; to reach your hotel either take the airport metro line (the cheaper option, but I do not recommend it because it will be a little bit hard to move by metro while carrying your luggage); or take a taxi for around 300 Baht straight to your hotel. But which hotel can you stay in? Citrus Sukhumvit 11, which is a ten-minute walk from the Arab street (all the restaurants in the Arab street are Halal). Although this unique and modern hotel provides you with clean rooms, soft beds and very delicious food, it is considered very cheap (805EGP per day) compared to many of its neighboring hotels.

Day 2: WAT PHO Temple & The Grand

Palace (for culture)

After having your breakfast at the hotel, do not waste your time and take a bus to the grand palace and WAT PHO temple (Avoid taking tuk-tuk because it is very costly). In fact, the ticket of the grand palace is a little bit expensive (500 Baht), but if you have a high budget do not hesitate and visit it (keep in mind that you must wrap a sarong around your waist or to wear something to cover your shoulders and knees). If you do not have a high budget, take it easy and visit WAT PHO temple and other less expensive temples in the area.


Day 3: Lumpini Park & The Floating

Market (for relaxation)

Bring your snacks and cards, then go to Lumpini Park (it has no entrance fee). Lumpini Park has a number of amazing lakes, landscapes, a cycling area, gymnasium and supermarkets, so I’m pretty sure you will fall in love:D. If you have plenty of time, try to visit the floating market where you can buy cheap souvenirs and fruits, but keep in mind that the floating market is 150 km away from Bangkok (you can go by bus or taxi).

Day 4: Siam Station & MBK Mall (for


Siam station (you can reach it very easily by the metro) is where you can find everything starting from small shops to massive designer stores and luxurious malls. For me, the best malls are Siam Mall where you can find all luxury brands; and MBK mall for electronics, souvenirs and clothes outlets.

Phuket (A Piece of Art)

Day 1: Fly into Phuket

After finishing your two hours flight from Bangkok to Phuket, you should go to the booth of Phuket SRC travel which provides you with many kinds of transportation from Phuket Airport to your hotel. You can be transported by the vehicle of your choice from mini-bus, private family car or private taxi. Moreover, Phuket SRC travel provides you with a booking service for many evening shows and day tours around Phuket.

Where to stay:

The Royal Palm Beach is located just a few steps from the famous Patong beach, and many tourist attractions in Phuket which lets you enjoy the fantastic shopping experience and nightlife. Although the Royal Palm Beach has a unique location, it is inexpensive whereas the cost of the double room is 700EGP per night.



Day 2: James Bond Island (The Man

with the Golden Gun Movie)

James Bond Island tour is considered the most popular activity in Phuket. James Bond has numerous dramatic limestone cliffs rising sheer out of the waters. This tour includes the transportation on a luxury boat from the wharf to James Bond island, a great lunch, canoeing through limestone caves into mangrove forests, swimming and relaxing at Naka island. The cost of James Bond Island tour by a luxury cruise is 1200 Baht, and by a speedboat is 1500 Baht. After finishing your tour, you can have your dinner at Arabia restaurant Patong beach which is not far away from the Royal Palm Hotel.

Day 3: Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi Islands is the topic of conversation for travellers all over Thailand. Phi Phi Islands consist of 6 islands but the most popular ones are Phi Phi Leh with Maya Bay which was featured in the movie “The Beach,” and Phi Phi Don which hosts the bohemian town of Phi Phi Islands. My advice is to go to Phi Phi islands by the speedboat, not the cruise because the cruise takes a very long time (keep in mind that the cost of the speedboat tour is a little bit high which is 1400 Baht while the cost of the cruise tour is 1000 Baht). Phi Phi Islands tour by speedboat includes relaxing at Maya Bay, snorkeling with colorful fishes, discovering Loh Samah Bay and Pileh Lagoon, sightseeing at Viking cave, going to Phi Phi Don Islands, enjoy sightseeing at Monkey beach, have a great lunch at Ton Sai Bay and finally go to Khai Islands to enjoy swimming and fish feeding. This tour remains for nearly 10 hours, so after finishing it you can get back to your hotel, get your dinner and fall asleep after this long day 😀


Day 4: White Water Rafting, ATV &

Elephant Trekking

The cost of White Water Rafting tours is 1600 Baht, it includes watching and feeding monkeys at Monkey Cave Temple, arrival at Phang Nga Rafting Camp where you can enjoy white water rafting experience on rubber rafts. When you arrive the tour guide will give you some instructions, then lead you down the river through the jungle rainforest on an interesting 5 km ride, lunch, ATV ride for 30 min through dirt roads in the jungle rain forests, and elephant trekking for 30 min; which is considered a fun and unforgettable experience that will take you through the river and jungle rain forests.


Day 5: Flying Hanuman(Zipline) &

Siladon Spa

Zipline is an exciting and fun experience that will have you flying through 80,000 square meters of lush jungle forest. You will have a professional guide that will instruct and assist you to ensure your safety. Take it easy and do not be scared because you will be tied to double safety lines while on the zip lines. Flying Hanuman activity remains for nearly two hours. For me, it is a little bit costly (3500 Baht) but it is really a thrilling adventure that must be enjoyed. At the end of this hectic day, you should pamper yourself by going to Siladon Spa. Siladon Spa is considered a luxurious spa where you will enjoy a relaxation for body and mind. Siladon spa has many packages but I recommend Siladon Royal package which provides you with a foot massage, body scrub, aroma oil massage, herbal ball compress and spa facial. This cost of this package is 4400 Baht which is nearly 2200 EGP. Siladon Spa also provides you with a private car to transfer you back to your hotel.

Thai Culture

In fact, Thai culture has some weird and wonderful things. In Thailand, customs differ from one area to another which means that you may come across many different traditions and customs. First of all, in Thailand you have to keep your cool by avoiding raising your voice because it is an act of losing control, so you may find someone who comes out of nowhere to embarrass you and ask you to lower your voice :D. Secondly, Take off your shoes! Your shoes must be taken off upon entering their temples because shoes are a manner of dirt, so you cannot enter those holy places while wearing your shoes. Finally, do not point to someone because the Thai people consider this action an immoral one. Moreover, they believe that touching someone’s head is a lubricious act because the head is the sacred part of the body!

Nadine Talaat

I’m 20 years old, political science student. My dream is to enlighten myself and contribute to society through traveling the world. I already visited Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Malaysia. I also volunteered for both 500500 Foundation for Cancer and the UNFPA.

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