Backpacking The North of Morocco

Backpacking The North of Morocco

$930 per person
6 Days
20+ Age

Dressed in blue, the North of Morocco with its unmissable Mediterranean beaches and clear water, or its soft wind that reminds us of childhood memories spent at campsites or at home. An ideal place to relax and go against new cultures and customs. The hills take on a little air of Sahara dunes and Tuscan landscapes, since notes of green invite each other here and there. A destination for adventure and relaxation, Body and Spirit meet for a journey that will awaken your deepest senses.

Wait, glare and memory will be waiting for you to triple your pleasure of traveling.

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Tour Plan

Day 1: CASABLANCA-Tangier
We will all meet at Casablanca to take the road to Tangier. Upon arrival, we will take a tour of the city. Tangier constitutes since the time of the Phoenicians a strategic point between Africa and Europe. On the hillside, its whitewashed medina features the Dar el Makhzen, an ancient sultans palace now a museum of ancient objects in Morocco. We will spend the night in Tangier. Accommodation Hotel Meals included None Activity City tour
DAY 2: TANGIER – Belyounish( Jbel Mousa)- M'DIQ
After breakfast we will go to Belyounech, the village where we will begin the hike to Jbel Mussa. Hidden fishing village, Belyounech is located 16 km from Fnideq and 7 km west of the Spanish enclave. But Belyounech is also the last beach in northern Morocco, on the border with Ceuta. Dominated by the mountains, the Jbel Moussa is also called in Spanish: "Mujer Muerta", recalling the grace and curves of a woman. It is located on the South African shore of the Strait of Gibraltar. The Jebel Musa rises to 851 m of altitude. Since ancient times, the Jebel Musa and Jebel Tariq, on the European side, form the Columns of Hercules. It will take 4h of climb and 3h descent for Jbel Mussa. After the picnic lunch, we will begin our 2nd activity of the day: Scuba diving in Belyounesh. It depends on the seasons. We will take the road to M'diq for the night. Accommodation Hotel Meals included Breakfast, picnic lunch Activities Hiking (Included) and scuba diving ( not included)
DAY 3: M'DIQ -Teteouan- Bouhachim Natural Reserve
After breakfast, we have planned a boat trip to the Marina M'diq or commonly called Rincón, which means "corner" or "nook" in Spanish, is a Moroccan coastal city located in the prefecture of M'diq - Fnideq. ( depends on wather conditions After our return to the bus we will continue the road to Bouhachim we will pass by the city of Tetauan for a small tour to explore the “La Paloma Blanca”.After we will hit the road again to our last destination of the day. Always north, we will take the road to Bouhachem, located at the intersection of the provinces of Tetouan, Larache and Chefchaouen and marked by a Mediterranean climate and a rugged topography. After our arrival and check in there, we will spend the night after a good dinner in the middle of this forest. Accommodation Guest house or camping Meals included Breakfast, dinner Activity Boat tour and city tour
A hike is planned in the morning at 10, after having breakfast to take advantage of the very diverse biocenosis and representative of the fauna and flora of the Western Rif. Then a good lunch with local products before heading to Chefchaouen. After our arrival at 17h and check in, A tour of the city is planned to discover the jewel of northern Morocco. Backed by a ridge of the Rifine chain which protects it, Chefchaouen is inserted between two peaks covered with a dense forest of fir trees and cork oaks. The abundant waters of a pure and limpid spring, Ras el-Ma, springing from the side of the mountain, gently flowing over the rolling hills of the valley, transform the surrounding valley into a multitude of lush gardens and orchards. In this peaceful setting, we will take our dinner in one of the restaurants of the city that offer a multitude of national and international specialties. Accommodation Hotel Meals included Breakfast, lunch
After breakfast, we will start to visit a small village, 30 km from Chefchaouen on the road to Oued Laou known as Akchour. After our arrival at 10am, it will be necessary to plan a fresh hike to the waterfall of Akchour (3 hours of climb and 2 hours of descent). It is famous for its natural landscapes dotted with mountains and deep gorges with its fresh water sources. It is one of the Moroccan hiking spots par excellence. The picnic lunch will be at Akchour to taste the different dishes especially the Tajine. At 16h, return to Chefchaouen for dinner, rest and spend the night. Accommodation Hotel Meals included Breakfast, Picnic lunch
On this last day we will take the road to Casablanca through Assilah for a lunch break and a tour of this small town. Located on the Atlantic coast, south of Tangier. Built at 15th century by Portuguese settlers, Asilah is an artistic city, known for its painters at any corner. Then take a lunch break in one of the restaurants by the sea. A specialty fish and seafood recognized throughout Morocco. Arrival in Casablanca and end of the adventure. Meals included Breakfast



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